I am an experienced and enthusiastic  instructional designer with more than 10 years of excellent experience, now I am focused on developing tailored learning experiences  combining storytelling, animation and technology.

I started as Graphic Designer/Animator, then at the University I got my Degree in Digital Humanities and my final project’s title was “E-learning and virtual learning compared with examples on Moodle and Sloodle”.

How did I became and Instructional Designer?

I have a Graphic Designer and Illustrator certificate (High School) and a Digital Humanities degree from Pisa University.

My career has always been related to education (in some way). I worked for learning project and corporate training (public and private), also worked as manager for event and training session, and as instructional designer passing by character designer.
Now I am (also) an Italian Teacher.

My background  as graphic designer allow me to create learning materials from the storyboard to the final release all created to facilitate participants’ education and knowledge.

With my ability to assess learning needs and capture training requirements, I excel at producing and delivering powerful learning tools in particular using Articulate, Suite Adobe and Moodle combined.

I have also a demonstrating expertise in a range of technical programs and tools, including Suite Adobe Creative, Moodle, CRM and CMS WordPress.

When I was in Toronto I created 2D animations for a series of educational videos for an app/game for children. I made everything from the Storyboards, Character and Background designs to the final release.

During the years I always worked on different projects at the same time, this certainly gave me a lot of experience juggling multiple responsibilities at once!

I also managed big European Found project from the beginning to the final release (administration part included).

Now with all that experience under my belt, I decided it’s time to launch my e.learning platform and business “Your Learning Experience”.

I can do freelance learning design, development, consultation, LMS administrator and be your e.learning expert.

If you want you can have a quick vision of my work history jump to my LinkedIn profile here:

Who am I when I am not working?

I grew up in Lucca, Italy, where my parents still live.
My husband, Luca, works as Construction Site Manager. Our son “Leo” is the one who inspired my character in Leo and Coopy adventures.

As mother of a bilingual child I deeply understand needs and requirement to help children and parents that speak more than one language, and how help them in their everyday life.

I am a geek (truly) Lord of the Rings, Got, Marvel fan. I also play Warhammer and love Harry Potter world.
I probably should have become an Historian… (I love History)